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We currently have 5 puppies...


Khane Monza

van Dafzicht

Born: June 24th 2006

Color: Brindle

Cayuse Branca

van 't Boevenklooster

Born: January 6th 2007

Color: Brindle

Pedigree Pedigree

Khane   is  HD-A  en  ED free.  Alpha test (behavior test)

Cayuse is  HD-A  en  ED free.  Alpha test (behavior test)


We currently have 5 puppies from above combination

3 males en 2 female


Our puppies are bred from well considered combinations and

According to the breeding rules and regulations

of the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Bouvier Club.

Of course we are a member of the Dutch Bouvier Club (NBC)


Our puppies are born and raised inside our house

between our other Bouviers,

our puppies will be optimally socialized with humans,

animals and normal household surroundings.


Our puppies will be dewormed at the age of 2-4-6 and weeks

They will receive their vaccinations

and will be checked by our veterinarian

and they will receive an identification chip

and FCI Pedigree from the  Dutch Kennel Club


We DONíT crop the ears and DONíT dock the tails of our puppies!!!


If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel

or if you have any questions regarding this litter

you can send an email to:


All puppies have a new owner

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If you would like to meet us and our Bouviers,

Please feel free to give us a call

and we make sure that the coffee is ready when you come.


Roberto & Gerda

Tel: 0031 6 17220520

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